Tuesday, 25 September 2007

iPhoto & Kruitvat (Gunpowder barrel ;-) ) photo software is not a very good combination...

Oops, installed Kruitvat photo software; Popups up a small warning like iPhoto v4.0 is not compatible and whooes their goes my whole iPhoto Library.

Yes I know I am still be able to find my photos at

~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals
, but having them to reindex all over again and make new slideshows is quite a bit bummer :-(

Thursday, 20 September 2007

So glad I made it...

I so glad to have you share this memorable fact . I graduated for my Propedeuse, meaning I am officially capable to continue my study Computer Science :-)

Monday, 17 September 2007

Damm cab files and windows mobile...

When you want to download a cab file to your windows mobile device 5/6 from an apache webserver, which you are able to control (legally ;-) make sure to set the mime-type correct or else your device will just love to show you the binary junk on his screen :-(

Set application/x-cab-compressed to the cab files, when you are using ubuntu (cause your hosting provider to to lazy to install a proper BSD OS by default) use

$echo 'application/x-cab-compressed cab' | sudo tee -a /etc/mime.types
$sudo killall -HUP apache2
Now check whether it worked fine
$curl -I URL
Kudo to 6brand for the hint

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Big guy came home...

After a little bit of a bumpy flight, we finally came back home. Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, which offered to drive us home.

I desided to get on the balance, cause my belt was not needed anymore. 90kg(!), made my BMI 30. the critical mass has been reached :-( Time for a public statement: "I will loose 10kg"

So guys when you see me around, offer me a beer, but do not invite me for dinner ;-)


The day after...

Ssssssst please keep quiet, hackers with hangovers are working over here.

It is quite pointless to say that we drunk o lot of beer yesterday, it was even a part of the program (like all good things are). But we had still had to checkout at 9 o'clock :-(

So with a table filled with orange juice and water the most creative inventions (discussed yesterday) are be implemented or proven to be totally wrong.

I cannot wait to go to Strassbourg (EuroBSDCon2008)!!!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

My first blog ever...

It might be funny for a digikid like me, but I tend to keep far away from blogging. But I finally got the call...

Hacking a whole week long at EuroBSDCon 2007 finally reveals the need of this digital portal. I just CANNOT keep all this exciting new development -zfs/refuse/puffs/carp- away from you all...

Just check http://rickvanderzwet.nl/eurobsd and read the whole story

PS Did I mention the new development of the USB stack of FreeBSD made by Hans?