Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sound at a equal level...

Imagine; listening to your iPod and having to adjust the stupid volume time by time, cause the songs are not equally leveled or call it normalized.

As iPod or iTunes does not give you the right tools to do it at ones, let me help you a bit -with a big thanks to the makers and maintainers of MacMP3Gain-

First of all install the lovely piece of Software MacMP3Gain, you properly know the drill, download, load, drag and drop to the Applications Folder.

Next normalize all your iTunes songs:
WARNING: Please make a backup of your iTunes directory before continue, cause this will ruin your iTunes collection if things goes wrong and as always, I am NOT responsible.

As I do not like the GUI and just want to normalize all my songs the command I use will be:

$find $HOME/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music -type f -exec \
/Applications/MacMP3Gain.app/Contents/Resources/aacgain -c -r -m 0 {} \;
# -c = ignore clip
# -r = radio style, level number to specific value
# -m 0 = use the default level of db 89

Now you will see all your files processed, it might take a (long) while, making your machine slow and less responsive, but it will do the job :-)

When you import a new album or song, just run the command again. It will skip songs already processed.

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