Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Davilex upgrades gives me a quick vista review for free...

I got a request from my aunt to have Davilex Club installed on her new laptop which had vista installed. She was still using a Windows 98 SE with Davilex software based from 2000. Lets rant about the installation and configuration of Davilex.

  • Their main shipped released versions: Davilex 8 (DaviClub 2000) -> Davilex Business 9.0 (2003) -> Davilex Business 9.2.0 (2007), which is nowhere to be found

  • The switched from informing by paper to e-mail based communication, but forgot to check whether an account had an email address at all, meaning no communication was received in ages

  • When making a support call they do not even check whether some details exists, but just bluntly assume the email is configured

  • Version 9.0 had a migration wizzard to import version 8, they removed this in 9.2.0 ,meaning in order to update you have to do at least tho steps

  • Their support portal is buggy -under IE7-, crashing and making exceptions all over the place

  • If you do not have an active account you are unable to view the basic FAQ questions, which for example gave me a big frustration of finding out that 9.0 was not working under vista, but does install :-(. Not support component was an old version of SQL Server namely 2003

After all this shit I finally managed to install and get it configured. Having to work for 2 days with Vista was actually big fun to me and I learned a lot about this new and shiny OS. I am not a great fan of the interface however, the graphics are not that clear to me and the nagging about whether something is allowed or what will be solution is somehow a bit irritating, the '+' in front of the folder has been made a bit smaller to be used efficiently, so you are now stuck in moving you move all over the screen to navigate to an folder. The graphical style by default is also disturbing, cause blur-ing what its on the background of sizes of an active window is just one of those examples which distracts you.

When going a bit deeper into the configuration I see they have not changed much about it -like the System Manager window-, which kinds of surprises me. But I guess the took the approach newer change a winning horse ;-). Seeing all this graphical power I am a bit worried about power consumption while working on full power.

The overall conclusion will be a bit pessimistic, but thats mainly cause my style of work is more unix related and I feel much better in using VIM/latex to write my minutes/reports to have all the bloat of Office -both Microsoft and OpenOffice- to 'help' me write it. I did not see much new stuff either which is really handy, but I guess I have to dig a bit deeper. Meanwhile I will pretty happy with my good old MacBook Pro ;-)

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