Friday, 2 November 2007

Exchange 2007 (and less)...

Ever wanted to use entourage 2003 with exchange 2007, I strongly suggest you wait till office 2007 for the mac comes out begin 2008, cause you are most likely to get into a lot of weird issues.

Some background, Exchange 2007 is equipped with 'legacy' 2003 support, and most important with a so-called DAVEx.dll which handles the virtual /exchange calls.

Entourage 2003 uses the 'legacy' /exchange calls to connect to the exchange system and some other settings:
* URL: https://<exchange>/exchange/<username>/
* Domain:
* LDAP: FooBar (not secured so please do not use)

All of the sudden you might get errors like temporary unable to connect or complete request which cryptic error messages codes like 501, when you for example rebooted your exchange server. You better of trying to login using the administrative account and then the error seems to be gone again.

Still do not know what is going on over here, but someday I will post a few extra notes how to start debugging this issues. In the meantime just remember this keywords as a first start:

* Client Logfiles
* event manager
* IIS Logfiles
* Exchange Logfiles

Enjoy debugging exchange problems :-)

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