Sunday, 18 November 2007

Google is your friend?...

I just caught myself in thinking the Google way, which is something like this: I want to report a bug to my provider, lets use my gmail account instead of my providers ones, cause it always works. How many people hits my blog or website? Ah I will embed analytics instead of awstats cause it is done in a sec. Lets use Google calendar to share my appointments with my wife. Nah no need to setup WordPress I will use blogger.

Google is no longer a search engine anymore, but also a very effective in basically every type of web based application. Take for example this blog ;-)

And yes I have to admit Googles' web-based applications are very superior in just all ways, people which do use analytics, gmail or something else, knows where I am talking about. The UI is great, features needed are present and able to extend anything is possible using the API's.

Googles presence in the open source world in the terms of code-sharing supporting -using Summer Of Code- or collaboration -Firefox,StarOffice- is pretty high.

Having this 2 facts makes criticism against Google very low, which kind of worries me. Cause a company which that many power should be used with care. Just take a look at and judge for yourself

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