Saturday, 17 November 2007

Ubuntu release cylces...

My external server runs at Hetzner but the have made the 'bad' choice to ship their root servers with Ubuntu 6.06 by default, instead of a decent operating system like FreeBSD ;-)

But anyway we cannot have it all -actually I can run BSD on the machine, but this either cost me some money to have them do it for me, or I will need to follow this hack- and it would not be bad to get some some inside details how you Linux guys made to keep a server running.

There is at least one thing that annoyance me a bit, cause running the 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support) packages seems to be 'frozen'. Take for example subversion 1.3.2 which now lives at 1.4.5. I know all of this is done to ensure stability and such, but running 'outdated' software is in most of the times not very workable if you are running in a cross-system environment with both FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X system.

So get ready for my next post, we gonna do some dist upgrades :-)

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