Monday, 12 November 2007

WM6 password bug on home cooked images...

Oops my QTEK 9090 did it again -or actually I did cause I let it run out of battery- it locked my device completely not allowing me to enter it anymore. Which is a known bug at my favorite mobile device hacking forum But I got the system running in 10 minutes again:

  • Hard-reset:

  • Re-install of GPRS connection

  • Re-install of custom root certificate

  • Setup active sync to sync with the Zimbra service

  • Minor tweaks in notifications

  • DONE

I disabled the password protection for the time being and started searching for a more decent phone or at least a better operating system ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Rick, same problem with my Ameo. Please do post any updates on this as I have to use the password due to my work security (the Exchange sync).
    I have heard there is a replacement password program which by-passes the built in one, but haven't got any further than that