Thursday, 6 December 2007 Mac OS X version started porting it's beautiful product to Mac OS X. Some of you might wonder and start pointing to NeoOffice which is doing this job for quite a few years and pretty well. But I just like to check out OOo their latest alfa/beta and it is actually preforming pretty well.

But there are some fundamental differences between the versions, which explained at wiki. One of the main is licensing, as NeoOffice is licensed GPL which does not allow this code to be imported the main OOo project which is licensed as LGPL.

The small conclusion; Having NeoOffice has been a great big advantage, cause OOo under X11 was so damm slow that it was not workable. But the new development OOo native is starting to get way more attractive in terms of speeds and usability. It will properly take a few years before NeoOffice is gone, but it will for sure not last forever.

PS: I do would like to do a big thanks the NeoOffice guys -core development is done by 2 persons only!-, cause you are saving my ass for a few years now. Your product did really help me survive in the bloody 'Word/Excel/Pointerpoint World'

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