Tuesday, 4 December 2007

pushing a new 'standard'...

Which the new version of Microsoft Office 2007 they also pushed the default fileformat to be their bright and shiny docx files, which kind of surprises me. The new version has no big pro's against the old version doc and if you compare it to the open document standard odp it does not seems to have any advantage.

Their attempt to make their fileformat an open standard in order to make sure that their products could be used in organizations which require such standards -like governments- is a pretty smart move if you look at it in an business prospective. If you are looking for open communication and collaboration it is not a very smart move. Just implement the open document standard and the whole world will be better.

It is quite odd that Microsoft is trying to keep itself on the market by making people depending on them and make it pretty expensive to migrate away from the products, which again sounds logical business wise but will on the long run most do a lot of harm, cause Google, Novell, Apple and others are looking for their part of the pie.

Just think to yourself and the way you are sucked in using Microsoft Office products and thinking the Microsoft way. It is just a vicious cycle, you grow up using Microsoft Products, Office/Windows are the default installations at school -they received their system with a huge scholar discount-. At home your PC is shipped with Microsoft Vista/Windows by default. Hardware manufacturers only build their software for Microsoft Operating systems.

Due the fact you are working with Microsoft products so long, you preform best at work using Microsoft products as well, which gives the company no choice then to move to a Microsoft based environment.

I just wonder, when, who and how will this cycle be broken?

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