Saturday, 13 December 2008

Migration wizzard...

Ough, I enable automatic logout as a security setting before actually starting the migration wizzard on the new Leopard Macbook Pro. Which leads after 60 minutes of inactivity to a really nasty error message, freezing the migration wizzard for a while. But don't worry (you own a mac so you never need to) it will take some time to recover but you will get there eventually :-)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

A not so nice person...

As told all in my previous post about scammers, when something bad happens to you, please tell the world.

I had the great liberty to find out when you got scammed in Europe you actually got to file a report at the police station of the country the accident happens, else they will not do anything about it.

Next the story; I happens to be in traveling (Luxembourg) at 17th of October 2008 while stopping at a fuel station to some rest and refreshments. A women comes around ,all in tears, cause she 'forgot' her wallet and she really needed to get some money for fuel as she almost ran out.

I tend to see the best of people, so I lend her some money and have here my bank details so she could transfer the money. After many thanks, she drove off .. I have never ever seen the money again. I did send her a letter ,to the address she gave me, but the letter came back undeliverable.

I did however made some pictures and also have some extra details (properly fake, but still). If you happen to know her or got some hints, please let me know :-)

Nello Frederique
2 rue des lilas
54000 Nancy

Licence plate: 162 ? ZN54
Car: Peugot

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thomson ST2030 Asterisk Remote Phone Book support

Enabling the current Thomson Remote Phone Book support (windows/mysql/php), requires yet an other separate database, sigh :-(.

As I happen to have a Asterisk running which is basically already some kind of phone book, cause the phone to 'full user name' exist, the choice is pretty simple .. hacking time :-)

I only have got Thomson ST2030 phones, which are not very compliant with regards to the HTTP/1.1 protocol implementation, but they are working. Still keeps me wondering does this also work with regards to other phones?

The result of the hard work has documentation included in the file how to get it running properly.

Some techie stuff, It parses the asterisk config file (every time) and regex to the right entries. output them in a list or in a menu view if the number of entries exceed 32.

EDIT: Including server functionality ;-)
EDIT2: Updated link to new location

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Drupal notify all users...

We are working to get our new website up and running and migrated our old users into the drupal database. As we where also cleaning the database we mass mailed our users and asked them to reset their password.

To issue a 'resend my password, cause I forgot' on all our users aka reset all user passwords and notify, the little nifty script below is used, please do mind that drush is a module of drupal.

drush --root=/usr/local/www/drupal6/sites/ eval '
$sql = "SELECT uid FROM {users} WHERE uid != 0";
$users = db_query($sql);
print "b" . $result;
while ($user = db_result($users)) {
$account = user_load(array("uid" => $user, "status" => 1));
print "Sending email to: " . $account->name . "\n";
_user_mail_notify("password_reset", $account, $language);


EDIT: Cool, blogger/blogspot includes syntax highlighting

Monday, 1 December 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 subversion ssl library changed...

For all you around the globe which just upgraded their machine or installed a new fresh and shiny Ubuntu 8.10, but still has got some OpenSSL powered pkcs12 certificate. As the linux folks decided to go for GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL, they also mapped subversion against the libraries, which suddenly does not make your personal certificate work anymore, leading to errors like ``GnuTLS internal error'' (duh, why not give out a proper error message).

As hacking is not my favorite part in did not compile it manually to get it to work again, as some others did. Instead I will stick to the more constructive approach, e.g. converting your certificate to the proper style.

# Make sure openssl is installed
$ sudo apt-get install openssl

# Make our certificate conversion hidden for any other (potentially evil) user
$ mkdir convert-cert && chmod 0700 convert-cert
$ cd convert-cert
$ cp ~/.subversion/rick.p12 original.pk12
# Next extract certificate and key
$ openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nokeys -in original.pk12 -out temp.crt
$ openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nocerts -in original.pk12 -out temp.key
# Create new cerficate
$ certtool --load-certificate temp.crt --load-privkey temp.key --to-p12 --outder --outfile new-cert.pk12
$ mv new-cert.pk12 ~/.subversion/rick-gnutls.p12
# Secure whipe working directory
$ shred temp.key
$ cd .. && rm -Rd convert-cert

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hacking the aic94xx back alive...

Been trying to get my software raid of the Supermicro machine to work under Ubuntu 8.10 x64 server edition, which was causing quite a few pains, the initramfs was not able to load the firmware and bailing out at the very early phase. Down here some guidelines, FYI: I wanted to end up with a system which has a mirrored OS, striped swap and striped data partition, as it is going to be a temp development box anyways:

* First make sure to disable 'SATA Raid' and 'SATA ACHI' mode into the bios as you are not going to use it anyways.

* Next while creating the partitions, first create all the partitions and set them to be 'partition for RAID' and next Configure software RAID. If you have two disks of 500GB like me, do the following. Create primary partitions 10GB, 8GB, 472GB on both disks and set disk 1 to be bootable on both. Next using the 'Configure software RAID' combine disks 1 to RAID 1, disks 2 to RAID 0, disks 3 to RAID 0. Next have md0 be ext3 which will be your '/' mount point. md1 will be your swap and md2 is going to be xfs and mount it at '/srv' to make it your installed custom 3th parties data/program dir. (Installing OpenSSH Server might become handy for the next steps)

* Next complete the install and reboot again from CD into the recovery mode, ensuring to end up in a shell at disk /dev/md0.

* You have to download the new firmware and accept the license at the scsi linux section of adaptec [1]

* Replace the file in /lib/firmware/aic94xx-seq.fw with the new one and just to be sure, also copy it to /lib/firmware/`uname -r`

* Next rebuild your initramfs with the command update-initramfs -k all -c

* Reboot your machine and you should be good to go :-)

[1] If you find yourself in trouble find the expanded firmware due to the bloody rpm format do mind to read and accept the license first and then download the expanded file at my dumping ground in cyberspace

Monday, 17 November 2008

Netbeans here we come!

I have been fighting with MacVim/Xcode/Eclipse and Netbeans in favorite of my personal IDE and we have got a winner! .. Or actually two as I would like to give away prices for two categories:

* small projects development: Will be Vim -without a doubt-, it _just_ does the job, editing and doing it fast and with as little mouse interference as possible :-). Big plus, runs great in a terminal of course. Reason not to choose emacs is the fact that i do not need a terminal IDE, just a editor :P

* project development: Netbeans (how surprising :-), I really like the integrated tabbed aproch as I do not want to have all my project files cluttered all over my desktop. The buildin SCM works great and syntax highlighting and shortcut handling is well done (unlike Xcode, which developers needs to have 4 hands/fingers to simply clear the log window CMD+ALT+CTRL+R, really requires 2 hands to preform).

Eclipse is the unlucky loser over here, found it to be unintuitive, weird version and plugin naming (granberry made .. who cares all I need is a bloody version number to identify the latest version). Might be a good software IDE, but Netbeans seems to be better at first glance :P

Love to hear your rants and comments about it..

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Xcode 3.1.1 Quartz Composer not working

After upgrading the Interface builder was nagging about not beeing able to found anymore. Which for example also controls the QSView.

To fix this first uninstall the full package using the CLI command sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

Next whipe your remains of /Developer directory, by issueing sudo rm -dR /Developer

And finally (re)install Xcode using the package given. And you should be good to go again :-)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

First steps of compiling on Mac OS X...

Just like me old school terminal fan instead of fancy XCode user, then this might apply to you.

In order to link to the .dylib (dynamic libraries) used on Mac OS X use the commands below thanks to hint of nijm, written in reference to a program called svnauthz-validate, which I am using to make sure the authz file does not get corrupted.

$curl -O
# Note: assuming you have installed subversion via macports
$gcc -lsvn_repos-1 -lsvn_subr-1 -lapr-1 -L/opt/local/lib -I/opt/local/include/subversion-1 -I/opt/local/include/apr-1 -Wall -o svnauthz-validate svnauthz-validate.c

Monday, 27 October 2008

Reclame attack!!!

Geniale reclame van, voor het eerst vind ik het niet erg dat mijn scherm 'gestolen' wordt door een reclame uiting. Kijk even snel op en als je hem nog een keer wilt zien, verwijder al je cookies ;-)

Keep up the good work!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Find me...

I am currently 'hiding' somewhere in Europe, leave a comment if you know where I am :-) (hint, check my Flickr photos)

Friday, 17 October 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Nokia N95 and Mac OS X, a good combination

Recent firmware upgrades and software developments finally made it a workable and cool combination. As a short conclusion, it finally became mature. As information is all over the internet down here a few hints and tips to allow the experience as soon as possible! Feel free to comment if you have any other questions.

* Latest Firmware 30.x:
* SMS 'JA' to 1300 to retrieve your Telfort settings after the upgrade
* Install Nokia internet radio:
* Install Nokia location tagger:
* Install Nokia sportstracker:
* Install Nokia Multimedia Tranfer (allows syncing iphoto/iTunes via Bluetooth with your phone):
* Install Google Maps:
* Mac OS X iSync:
* Mac OX X USB UMTS Setup (you got to change to connection details to Nokia UMTS in the Advanced window of the Network Preferences
* Use iSync to restore contacts
* Internet radio might need installing twice as first attempt did result on playback errors when trying to play a station
* Change the A-GPS server to '' as the default one does not work

Thursday, 25 September 2008

True emulation...

Sight even the emulation can lead to a blue screen of dead. Never saw one on the mac before though :-).

Anyway as Microsoft products are also my second nature, the fix is pretty 'simple'

  1. Boot from the first random Windows XP install CD you happen to find

  2. Select recover mode (R) as first choice during install

  3. When you are at the prompt run chkdsk /r and leave it running (might take over an hour or so)

  4. reboot (EXIT) and you should be done :-)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cool Joost!

2nd post in 24 hours, something special is going on...

Joost just launched his new website and new video watching approach instead. Totally web based, really 2.0ed. You got to install a small plugin, but you do get super cool features in return. Go check it out at Joost! If you happen to run into trouble of some kind or found a bug, free to contact Joost and I more than sure they will help you out :-)


Speedtouch ST780 CLI tweaks for the use of Wiress Leiden

Resently switched my router to a VoIP enabled router which comes with my IPS, but some little box called Speedtouch ST780 comes with a crippled web interface (blames to the ISP not Speedtouch).

Anyway, due to the fact: a) I am connected to Wireless Leiden trough a server which functions as a gateway. b) I do not want to have the whole home network to rely on this server.

Tweaks had to be made to work. Commands below needs to be insert via the telnet interface.

First of all the route had to be set.
:ip rtadd dst= gateway=

Extra DNS forwarder
:dns server route add dns= intf=LocalNetwork

Remember to save

Unfortunately I did not find a way to get the reverse pointers to work as well, apart from sending all DNS traffic trough and enable recursion on the box.

PS: found all details in the CLI manual

Monday, 8 September 2008

sudo and pkg_add working together

Installing software into FreeBSD could be done 2 ways. The nice way using ports and the fast way using packages. The mechanism to install packages is using pkg_add. As installing software requires root privileges sudo should be the way to go for it.

But while using sudo to call pkg_add gives you an error:

[rick@davis /usr/home/rick]$ sudo pkg_add -r mysql51-serverError: FTP Unable to get Syntax error, command unrecognized
pkg_add: unable to fetch '' by URL

This problem is caused by the lack of a few environment variables which get lost while calling it trough sudo, as mentioned in this mailing list post to freebsd-ports

They way to solve it is to call sudo with argument -E which gives you they required result :-)

[rick@davis /usr/home/rick]$ sudo -E pkg_add -r
Fetching Done.
Fetching Done.
Added group "mysql".
Added user "mysql".

Monday, 1 September 2008

Back from holiday...

Here we are, back and fresh ready to get started again. After a week of almost no typing I find myself using 10 fingers again instead of 4 when I am stressed out :P.

Creta and Antwerp are really nice spots to say, but I have to admit it good to be back as well :-). My resits went perfect and managed to make a 100%, which set the total progress bar of my Computer Science at LIACS (Leiden University) study at exact 50%. This year finally some more challenging subjects like Networks and Human Computer Interaction and my Bachelor project. Let's see whether I could try to boost one of my favorite Open Source projects by focusing my Bachelor project on it.

Lets get loose on the ego boost and start to focus on the technical bits as I faced a interesting challenge while trying to capture and edit my vacation video's of our JVC Everio Camcorder (type: GZ-MG130E) with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). JVC decided to use the MPEG-2 standard for their low budget (remember: still a student) USB HDD camcorders and 'forgot' to include any decent software for the silver friend. To be able to decode the movies you will need to spend a few Euro/Dollar on the MPEG-2 codec at the Apple store, $19,99 time of writing Which allows to view and decode this movies. iMovie '06 was not capable of handling the camcorder, but iMovie '08 works brilliant fine, but yes you have to spend the money on the codec in order for it to get it working else it will not recognize a single second of your movies.

Ones you made your movie with iMovie '08 and imported it into iDVD you find your nice DVD chapter gone due the fact mister mac Steve decided DVD are sooo old school we have to use streaming media and stuff like the Apple TV or whatever this thing is called. But luckily smart and nice guys comes into action and provide us with lovely tools to fix this called Metadata Hootenanny, as you might recon from the name, it's open source, not very catchy ;-). But anyway it does it job really well, make sure to read the guide which comes with the program and detect and add the chapters to the created 'iMovie -> Share -> Media Browser -> Larger -> Export' file, which is usually to be found at $HOME/iMovie Projects/Project. Ones you import the edited Movie into iDVD suddenly your chapters appears again :-)

FYI: As promised month ago, here is a sample of some few French guys/group called Cova 10. Looks really promising, so when you find their CD/mp3 anytime anywhere remember me and send me a copy, thanks!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New monitor = dead pixel testing

Received my new 22" LCD monitor today, but was looking for some need application to test for dead pixels. As all programs seems to be either shareware or not cross platform I decided to write my own, by just creating a simple webpage with a rotating background color. Feel free to test it at

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Open Community Camp 2008...

There are a few important things happening in the world this week. Crisis in Georgia is worsesome. Olympic 2008 is great, but a bit unreachable. Resits of my University exams are coming up. But one truly matters is the great Open Community Camp 2008 also called OCC 2008 happening this week in Oegstgeest Leiden.

Hacking a week with a lot of beer, is the way to celebrate the summer. Feel free and join in, plenty of space and hardware around :-)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Java 1.6 here I come...

After struggling for over a few months with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Soylatte to get Java 1.6 working with it I am finally ready for Leopard. My employer moved me to Leopard in order to test various internally used applications which finally have me the chance to view the full working glory of Java 1.6 with Mac OS X.

I have to admin working really well, update Leopard to latest version, few little Netbeans tweaks in order to get it working properly (adding a new Platform) and all is going well.

Let's start finding all other hidden Gems of Leopard, so far I have not seen much which gave me the so called 'shilly a' factor.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Stukke hardware...

Het geluk was niet aan mijn zijde vandaag. De iPod Nano van mijn broertje is nu definitief overleden nadat ik een poging tot reanimatie gedaan had, welke gestrand was bij het in elkaar zetten van de stukjes, waarbij een kabeltje afbrak :-(. De poging om mijn opgeblazen videokaart te redden, leverde op de koop toe een kapot moederbord op, nadat mijn test run jammerlijk faalde.

Dan heb ik enkel nog een schredder staan, waarbij 'enkel' een weerstandje vervangen zou moeten worden zal die dan wel geluk gaan brengen of zullen de ampere luchtjes me weer tegemoet treden.

Buiten alle kapitaalvernietiging ben ik ook weer een hoop wijs geworden, hierbij de tips. Zorg altijd voor een schone en nette werkplek, een vensterbank, rommel tafel en/of vloer zijn niet de goede plekken, het zorgt ervoor dat je niet lekker kan werken en dat je alles de hele tijd kwijt raakt. Als tweede, plaats nooit kracht op kleine fragiele voorwerpen, kijk liever hoe iets in elkaar zit en hoe je het beste kan (de)assembleren. Een keer te hard drukken en het is over met de pret.
En als laatste kortsluiting is echt kortsluiting en niet een 'feature'. Ik mat tussen de molex +12volt en 0volt een sluiting op de videokaart welke maar niet te traceren kan worden op het bordje. Met een poging de AGP videokaart dan maar zonder extra voeding op te starten strandde in een kapot AGP slot op het moederbord :-(.

Monday, 9 June 2008

PeanutBall is stuk :-(

Aangespoord door de M&M reclame en het oranje gevoel (en een van chocola houdende vriendin ;-) heb ik een 3 tal zakken M&M gehaald en kreeg ik de must have PeanutBall bij.

Opgepompt (let op! hij mag niet zo hard), vertoond het al scheuren. Nu maar niet hopen dat dit een voorbode is voor onze jongens tegen Italiƫ. Welke als het trouwens 3-1 wordt mij 6 Euro oplevert, draai dus even duimen voor me :P.

Anyway, mailtje naar de M&M support gestuurd, zal wel even melden wat eruit komt.

UPDATE: Helemaal _niets_, lekkere service zullen we maar zeggen :-(

UPDATE: Ik geef het op, we hebben toch verloren, die nieuwe bal kan ik dus ook wel naar fluiten

Friday, 30 May 2008

Firefox 3 download - Guinessbook of Record poging...

Download Day

In een poging een vermelding te halen in het Guinessbook of Records, onderdeel 'de meeste downloads op een dag'. De Mozilla Foundation nodigt iedereen mee te doen. Schrijf je hier in, dan krijg je een emailtje op het moment dat je de download moet beginnen!

Tevens een mooie gelegenheid op Firefox te promoten, want Nederlands Firefox gebruik is het laagste van heel Europa :-(

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Recovering my sxipper training name...

I am a great fan of Firefox and the extensions/addons are really my friends. One of my current favorites is sxipper Which is basically a smart way of automatic form filling. It saves you the hassle of having to fill all forms by hand. Sxipper will do the hard work for you, but in order to automatically fill a form, the form have to be learned by the user base of Sxipper, basically called the trainer of a Form, which gets credits (name mentioned) if you fill a form.

I have been with Sxipper since day one, while they where still in beta phase, and during the update to 2.0 I lost my trainer name :-(. Luckily support provided me with an answer, which works great:

Dear Rick,

If you are using a different computer (Firefox profile) you can
import your Sxipper training name by exporting your logins from the
other computer by using Sxipper Preferences [Tools -> Sxipper ->
Preferences -> Login -> Export].

In case you lost your Sxipper account you can retrieve it using an
older version of Sxipper as follow:

1) Uninstall Sxipper 2.x
2a) Install Sxipper 1.3.2 from
2b) In Sxipper setup: retrieve your account and finish setup wizard
3) Update to Sxipper 2.x

Note for uninstalling Sxipper 2.x:
- Your site passwords will not be touched.
- If you want to keep your persona data, you can export it before
uninstalling and reimport after step 3. (Tools -> Sxipper ->
Preferences -> Form fill)

We are sorry for the inconvenience and looking into providing a
simpler way to do this in the future.

Best regards,

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sleepy macbook pro battery...

Just came back from holliday (check pictures at flickr turkey 2008 set, not all ready yet) and my 17" macbook pro battery was completely dead. I kind of needed my laptop to answer all emails so I hooked it on the power supply and started working, but the battery was not charging.

After a few hours of tumbling my thumbs hoping I could save the little battery his live, the battery started to charge again, I am saved ;-).

Monday, 14 April 2008

Be a good sysadmin, check your log messages...

You might know the feeling of never be able to check your system/web/mail/ftp log messages, due the lack of time. I do have to guarantee it will cause problems, so better do it yourself or have someone do it for you ;-).

I do know this does not apply to you as you are always checking/analyzing your logs, running a fully tested and updated system and read every changelog/readme on any expected problem. But still as a piece of advice five reasons to do read your logs. Trust me if you have not been there, you might will be one day if your do not know the risks, I have visited all paths unfortunately (great learning experience how-ever ;-))

  1. Your machine resources might run out unnoticed You will get called in the middle of night cause your
    /var or /tmp
    ran out of space, causing the machine to halt

  2. Resources will not be sufficient anymore: Users tend to run as must software/services on the machine if possible draining your network, memory and cpu power and some day you are left with a ssh session will be a slow as your few baud terminal you used to have ages ago

  3. >System might be abused Not checking the log messages most likely also means not checking whether every piece of software/script is up2date. You do want your forgotten outdated phpBB forum test instance to be abused by link/email spammers, do you?

  4. Your fully automated scripts are missing some crucial bits and pieces: Written down in a debug log message, but never ever checked. Doing a backup one a night, but excluding a number of file, due some tag was set wrongly

  5. Missing deprecated warnings of updated software and wonders why the software breaks down real bad after upgrading a few releases.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Inventation spam...

I hereby introduce to you the latest type of spam "Inventation spam", using a ics file. And I thought I have had seen all ;-)

Monday, 7 April 2008

Identifying and fighting scammers...

Scamming is one of the not so nice things of the internet. Scamming is said to be mistreating persons in order to get better. One of the worst things about it, is the fact that some people seems to be proud of doing this kind of internet fraud. Take a look at one of the popular WoW forums, they have dedicated separate sections to it over here (required login).

It's just like spam, there will also need to be some good guys to fight them. Which comes with counter examples to keep the spammers thinking ;-). This simple steps guide will give you a start, but be-are it is not perfect and the scammers are reading as well ;-).

Step 1 - Recognize: We need to make sure to detect them, which could be rather trivial cause they tend to have the same tricks. Fast responding AIM chats (fully focused on the victim), bidding (way) higher then all others and tend to raise there offer really soon (they not gonna pay any way), not responding your questions or being vague with personal details (do not want to get caught), using anonymous channels like AIM (MSN, Skype, GoogleTalk, IRC), phone and others (again, better save then sorry). Flashy natural names and easy adoption of your language style and many others thing (gain your trust).
If you spot this kind of behaviour be warned!

Step 2 - Identify: Get to know your scammer 'victim' and collect his private date, if his still (tries to) rip you off you have some data which you could send to your local
police station. In order to do so you will need to know the following details: email, real name, phone, bank details, ip and we need to verify them. Email, send an email to his box with a secret number, and have him to reply to it, make sure he is using an email account which could be tracked and not a disposable one, like Hotmail, gmail and all others. Send $1 like amount to his bank account, again with a secret number in the comment and have him report the number back to you. Send a SMS to his mobile phone with (how boring) again a secret number. Get a person living close by to (secretly) check his address. Match his IP address to his hometown using sites like Get him on the webcam and make screen shots of the person. Setup and use remote services like to watch them while doing the transactions and other stuff. Have him to write something (like his name and the date) down, scan, and send it to you (in front of the webcam).
And always keep a copy of all log messages, emails, photo's, screen captures and more.

Step 3 - Deal: Suggest using a middleman which talk it will be to transfer goods and money safely. Have him to sign/reply to a message (and if possible get a autograph) stating this is not a scam/rip off of any kind and notice the goods and amount of money in here. Print and scanned version should be fine as well.
Always remember that you could request a bank to cancel the transfer while ongoing, screen shots and web pages could be crafted or altered, email,postal could be faked, electronic money transfer screens hot be faked. Packages could contain other stuff (like bricks) then requested (open them on delivery).

Step 4 - Scammed :-(: Hopefully you will never reach this step, but if so make sure to file your attempt at your local police station. It might seems stupid of you, but do remember they are they ones makes the faults. A little bit of good faith make this world livable. With all the evidence you collected you will make a good change of catching this scammer.
When the scammer contacts you (or gets back to your), try to be nice and friendly and just act as of the deal went just fine (trust me, it will work the best). Just give him a few compliments and gracefully start asking more personal questions. Like forums he is visiting, favorite music and such, just keep him connected. Meanwhile start monitoring and validating what he is telling and ask him to visit a few websites or post a comment/review somewhere. Get as much data out him as possible.

When done, post your story -slightly less obfuscated of course, so no revealing of any personal data of both sides as it might be a fake identity and you are blaming the innocent wrong person- on a few forums and blogs to make sure your story is read/heard) and people will learn from your mistakes, turning the bad move into something useful. Do NOT visit a house by your own, always bring police protection or something else, as it might cause dangerous situations.

As a last note just check out what popular sites has to say about save trading like , and for all the dutch readers and

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Fighting spam...

I have to reveal something I love spam, the more the better ;-) Spammers feel free to email at instead annoying others.

5 reasons I like spam:

  1. I am a active user of Spamassassin and always like to improve the service

  2. It it is quite a technical 'fun' game of the spammers against the spam fighters

  3. Spam is a great way of stress testing my email servers and email software

  4. Spam allows me to maintain and build large email clusters, to be able to fight the spam

  5. I have to admit, some spam messages are actually really funny written :-)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Wireless Leiden chatting...

Having problems with Wireless Leiden? Do you need support, do you want to share some great ideas? Come on and join in. At the Wireless Leiden public skype chat!

Will talk to you soon!

UPDATE: As the links are not working (see forum bug post) please use this direct one

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Join Joost experimental live testing @ Wednesday 27th of Feb 2008

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Wanna win a voucher for or Help Joost to do Experimental Live testing!
Go and head to the announcement for any more details!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fosdem 2008...

As from yesterday Brussel, Belgium is the place to be. Brussel is hosting Fosdem one of the biggest open source events around.

Speak for yourself, come by and have a look. Or look at the pictures

The crazy guys around me -the so-called nerds- are Eddie, Gerard and Marten.

Monday, 4 February 2008

My first Nokia (N95)...

Having a company phone is nice, but having a working phone is even better. In order to provide some decent remote connectivity our team has received some Nokia N95 to do the job using hsdpa.

Apart from missing a decent qwerty keyboard the phone was fully featured, with cool stuff like a 5.0M camera, a decent music player, bluetooth, wifi, GPS and such. The battery how-ever is a bit disappointing and the 2 two sliding mechanisms also feels a bit to cheap.

But anyway now comes the fun part (according to the hackers standard of life) of getting the device to work properly with Mac OS X 10.4. Before even starting please download the latest compatible drivers at

When done installing pair your device using bluetooth, I will not help you over here, using the power of the net ;-)

For the next step I assumed your phone already has a working a 3.5g hsdpa or 3g umts connection if not ask you provider how to configure it. In order to get your macbook pro to use your N95 data connection you first need to download and install some non official connection script -but perfectly workable!- at

# Ones installed you will need to unhide your phones' serial dialup connections.
* Open Bluetooth Preferences
* Devices, and select your phone device
* Click Edit serial ports
* Make sure to select the Dial-Up Networking ([phone]-dia) one and
check 'Show in Network Preferences'
* Apply

#Enable your newly network interface
* Now go to Network in the Preferences Plane (warning about a new port should popup)
* Click on the dropdown list of Show 'Network Port Configurations'
* Check your network port on and click Apply Now

#Configure your new network interface
* Select your newly network interface in the Show drop downlist
* Select the tab Modem and make sure to select the Modem: Nokia HSDPA CID1,
if you cannot find it on the list please make sure to properly install
the modem scripts from the sites I mentioned earlier.
* Now go to the PPP tab
# if you do not know the details, please check
# I have used the settings of Telfort, note that a blank username/password also did work
* Service Provide: [name of your provider]
* Account Name: []
* Password: [password] <-- no hidden tricks just the word password
* Telephone Number: [internet] <-- also known as access point of abn
* Apply

Al should working now, just press Dial now and Connect, if you get any errors, please make sure to check your Bluetooth settings, the error log /var/log/ppp.log, the hints page, the README provided with Nokia scripts package of with regards of disabling Compression and PPP echo reply and if all fails feel free to comment of course :-)

Google maps, instead of nokia maps this is free of charge and GPS works really cool (please do mind it takes about a few minutes to get an initial fix, waiting for the firmware upgrade ;-)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Social networking...

Sorry long time no see, I had to learn for my exams, which all went pretty well (thanks!). But lets stick the the subject.

What will be the use of the massive amount of social networking sites all over the place? Instead of making one big community I see little communities all over the web, but none of them is actually trying to communicate with all of them.

I can see it might be handy to be the one and only social networking site all around the globe. But lets face it, this will never gonna work cause we all need to make money right ;-), so what about collaboration and open standards then? All the little ones needs to come together and start using each others data.

You will see this integration all over the web, but nothing is not yet 'perfect', the different social networking sites should work more with each other instead of stealing users from one and the other. It will make the internet just again way more better :-)