Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Social networking...

Sorry long time no see, I had to learn for my exams, which all went pretty well (thanks!). But lets stick the the subject.

What will be the use of the massive amount of social networking sites all over the place? Instead of making one big community I see little communities all over the web, but none of them is actually trying to communicate with all of them.

I can see it might be handy to be the one and only social networking site all around the globe. But lets face it, this will never gonna work cause we all need to make money right ;-), so what about collaboration and open standards then? All the little ones needs to come together and start using each others data.

You will see this integration all over the web, but nothing is not yet 'perfect', the different social networking sites should work more with each other instead of stealing users from one and the other. It will make the internet just again way more better :-)