Monday, 4 February 2008

My first Nokia (N95)...

Having a company phone is nice, but having a working phone is even better. In order to provide some decent remote connectivity our team has received some Nokia N95 to do the job using hsdpa.

Apart from missing a decent qwerty keyboard the phone was fully featured, with cool stuff like a 5.0M camera, a decent music player, bluetooth, wifi, GPS and such. The battery how-ever is a bit disappointing and the 2 two sliding mechanisms also feels a bit to cheap.

But anyway now comes the fun part (according to the hackers standard of life) of getting the device to work properly with Mac OS X 10.4. Before even starting please download the latest compatible drivers at

When done installing pair your device using bluetooth, I will not help you over here, using the power of the net ;-)

For the next step I assumed your phone already has a working a 3.5g hsdpa or 3g umts connection if not ask you provider how to configure it. In order to get your macbook pro to use your N95 data connection you first need to download and install some non official connection script -but perfectly workable!- at

# Ones installed you will need to unhide your phones' serial dialup connections.
* Open Bluetooth Preferences
* Devices, and select your phone device
* Click Edit serial ports
* Make sure to select the Dial-Up Networking ([phone]-dia) one and
check 'Show in Network Preferences'
* Apply

#Enable your newly network interface
* Now go to Network in the Preferences Plane (warning about a new port should popup)
* Click on the dropdown list of Show 'Network Port Configurations'
* Check your network port on and click Apply Now

#Configure your new network interface
* Select your newly network interface in the Show drop downlist
* Select the tab Modem and make sure to select the Modem: Nokia HSDPA CID1,
if you cannot find it on the list please make sure to properly install
the modem scripts from the sites I mentioned earlier.
* Now go to the PPP tab
# if you do not know the details, please check
# I have used the settings of Telfort, note that a blank username/password also did work
* Service Provide: [name of your provider]
* Account Name: []
* Password: [password] <-- no hidden tricks just the word password
* Telephone Number: [internet] <-- also known as access point of abn
* Apply

Al should working now, just press Dial now and Connect, if you get any errors, please make sure to check your Bluetooth settings, the error log /var/log/ppp.log, the hints page, the README provided with Nokia scripts package of with regards of disabling Compression and PPP echo reply and if all fails feel free to comment of course :-)

Google maps, instead of nokia maps this is free of charge and GPS works really cool (please do mind it takes about a few minutes to get an initial fix, waiting for the firmware upgrade ;-)

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