Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Recovering my sxipper training name...

I am a great fan of Firefox and the extensions/addons are really my friends. One of my current favorites is sxipper Which is basically a smart way of automatic form filling. It saves you the hassle of having to fill all forms by hand. Sxipper will do the hard work for you, but in order to automatically fill a form, the form have to be learned by the user base of Sxipper, basically called the trainer of a Form, which gets credits (name mentioned) if you fill a form.

I have been with Sxipper since day one, while they where still in beta phase, and during the update to 2.0 I lost my trainer name :-(. Luckily support provided me with an answer, which works great:

Dear Rick,

If you are using a different computer (Firefox profile) you can
import your Sxipper training name by exporting your logins from the
other computer by using Sxipper Preferences [Tools -> Sxipper ->
Preferences -> Login -> Export].

In case you lost your Sxipper account you can retrieve it using an
older version of Sxipper as follow:

1) Uninstall Sxipper 2.x
2a) Install Sxipper 1.3.2 from
2b) In Sxipper setup: retrieve your account and finish setup wizard
3) Update to Sxipper 2.x

Note for uninstalling Sxipper 2.x:
- Your site passwords will not be touched.
- If you want to keep your persona data, you can export it before
uninstalling and reimport after step 3. (Tools -> Sxipper ->
Preferences -> Form fill)

We are sorry for the inconvenience and looking into providing a
simpler way to do this in the future.

Best regards,

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  1. This was VERY helpful! Thanks so much!