Monday, 1 September 2008

Back from holiday...

Here we are, back and fresh ready to get started again. After a week of almost no typing I find myself using 10 fingers again instead of 4 when I am stressed out :P.

Creta and Antwerp are really nice spots to say, but I have to admit it good to be back as well :-). My resits went perfect and managed to make a 100%, which set the total progress bar of my Computer Science at LIACS (Leiden University) study at exact 50%. This year finally some more challenging subjects like Networks and Human Computer Interaction and my Bachelor project. Let's see whether I could try to boost one of my favorite Open Source projects by focusing my Bachelor project on it.

Lets get loose on the ego boost and start to focus on the technical bits as I faced a interesting challenge while trying to capture and edit my vacation video's of our JVC Everio Camcorder (type: GZ-MG130E) with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). JVC decided to use the MPEG-2 standard for their low budget (remember: still a student) USB HDD camcorders and 'forgot' to include any decent software for the silver friend. To be able to decode the movies you will need to spend a few Euro/Dollar on the MPEG-2 codec at the Apple store, $19,99 time of writing Which allows to view and decode this movies. iMovie '06 was not capable of handling the camcorder, but iMovie '08 works brilliant fine, but yes you have to spend the money on the codec in order for it to get it working else it will not recognize a single second of your movies.

Ones you made your movie with iMovie '08 and imported it into iDVD you find your nice DVD chapter gone due the fact mister mac Steve decided DVD are sooo old school we have to use streaming media and stuff like the Apple TV or whatever this thing is called. But luckily smart and nice guys comes into action and provide us with lovely tools to fix this called Metadata Hootenanny, as you might recon from the name, it's open source, not very catchy ;-). But anyway it does it job really well, make sure to read the guide which comes with the program and detect and add the chapters to the created 'iMovie -> Share -> Media Browser -> Larger -> Export' file, which is usually to be found at $HOME/iMovie Projects/Project. Ones you import the edited Movie into iDVD suddenly your chapters appears again :-)

FYI: As promised month ago, here is a sample of some few French guys/group called Cova 10. Looks really promising, so when you find their CD/mp3 anytime anywhere remember me and send me a copy, thanks!

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