Friday, 26 September 2008

Nokia N95 and Mac OS X, a good combination

Recent firmware upgrades and software developments finally made it a workable and cool combination. As a short conclusion, it finally became mature. As information is all over the internet down here a few hints and tips to allow the experience as soon as possible! Feel free to comment if you have any other questions.

* Latest Firmware 30.x:
* SMS 'JA' to 1300 to retrieve your Telfort settings after the upgrade
* Install Nokia internet radio:
* Install Nokia location tagger:
* Install Nokia sportstracker:
* Install Nokia Multimedia Tranfer (allows syncing iphoto/iTunes via Bluetooth with your phone):
* Install Google Maps:
* Mac OS X iSync:
* Mac OX X USB UMTS Setup (you got to change to connection details to Nokia UMTS in the Advanced window of the Network Preferences
* Use iSync to restore contacts
* Internet radio might need installing twice as first attempt did result on playback errors when trying to play a station
* Change the A-GPS server to '' as the default one does not work

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