Thursday, 18 September 2008

Speedtouch ST780 CLI tweaks for the use of Wiress Leiden

Resently switched my router to a VoIP enabled router which comes with my IPS, but some little box called Speedtouch ST780 comes with a crippled web interface (blames to the ISP not Speedtouch).

Anyway, due to the fact: a) I am connected to Wireless Leiden trough a server which functions as a gateway. b) I do not want to have the whole home network to rely on this server.

Tweaks had to be made to work. Commands below needs to be insert via the telnet interface.

First of all the route had to be set.
:ip rtadd dst= gateway=

Extra DNS forwarder
:dns server route add dns= intf=LocalNetwork

Remember to save

Unfortunately I did not find a way to get the reverse pointers to work as well, apart from sending all DNS traffic trough and enable recursion on the box.

PS: found all details in the CLI manual


  1. holy...damn man, thanks a lot, I didnt even know it was possible to have a CLI with my modem/router...gotta tweak it :D

  2. Thanks, I'll see if I can get the telnet thing to work - I remember I'd shut down that service a while ago - thanks alot, buddy!