Monday, 17 November 2008

Netbeans here we come!

I have been fighting with MacVim/Xcode/Eclipse and Netbeans in favorite of my personal IDE and we have got a winner! .. Or actually two as I would like to give away prices for two categories:

* small projects development: Will be Vim -without a doubt-, it _just_ does the job, editing and doing it fast and with as little mouse interference as possible :-). Big plus, runs great in a terminal of course. Reason not to choose emacs is the fact that i do not need a terminal IDE, just a editor :P

* project development: Netbeans (how surprising :-), I really like the integrated tabbed aproch as I do not want to have all my project files cluttered all over my desktop. The buildin SCM works great and syntax highlighting and shortcut handling is well done (unlike Xcode, which developers needs to have 4 hands/fingers to simply clear the log window CMD+ALT+CTRL+R, really requires 2 hands to preform).

Eclipse is the unlucky loser over here, found it to be unintuitive, weird version and plugin naming (granberry made .. who cares all I need is a bloody version number to identify the latest version). Might be a good software IDE, but Netbeans seems to be better at first glance :P

Love to hear your rants and comments about it..

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