Saturday, 13 December 2008

Migration wizzard...

Ough, I enable automatic logout as a security setting before actually starting the migration wizzard on the new Leopard Macbook Pro. Which leads after 60 minutes of inactivity to a really nasty error message, freezing the migration wizzard for a while. But don't worry (you own a mac so you never need to) it will take some time to recover but you will get there eventually :-)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

A not so nice person...

As told all in my previous post about scammers, when something bad happens to you, please tell the world.

I had the great liberty to find out when you got scammed in Europe you actually got to file a report at the police station of the country the accident happens, else they will not do anything about it.

Next the story; I happens to be in traveling (Luxembourg) at 17th of October 2008 while stopping at a fuel station to some rest and refreshments. A women comes around ,all in tears, cause she 'forgot' her wallet and she really needed to get some money for fuel as she almost ran out.

I tend to see the best of people, so I lend her some money and have here my bank details so she could transfer the money. After many thanks, she drove off .. I have never ever seen the money again. I did send her a letter ,to the address she gave me, but the letter came back undeliverable.

I did however made some pictures and also have some extra details (properly fake, but still). If you happen to know her or got some hints, please let me know :-)

Nello Frederique
2 rue des lilas
54000 Nancy

Licence plate: 162 ? ZN54
Car: Peugot

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thomson ST2030 Asterisk Remote Phone Book support

Enabling the current Thomson Remote Phone Book support (windows/mysql/php), requires yet an other separate database, sigh :-(.

As I happen to have a Asterisk running which is basically already some kind of phone book, cause the phone to 'full user name' exist, the choice is pretty simple .. hacking time :-)

I only have got Thomson ST2030 phones, which are not very compliant with regards to the HTTP/1.1 protocol implementation, but they are working. Still keeps me wondering does this also work with regards to other phones?

The result of the hard work has documentation included in the file how to get it running properly.

Some techie stuff, It parses the asterisk config file (every time) and regex to the right entries. output them in a list or in a menu view if the number of entries exceed 32.

EDIT: Including server functionality ;-)
EDIT2: Updated link to new location

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Drupal notify all users...

We are working to get our new website up and running and migrated our old users into the drupal database. As we where also cleaning the database we mass mailed our users and asked them to reset their password.

To issue a 'resend my password, cause I forgot' on all our users aka reset all user passwords and notify, the little nifty script below is used, please do mind that drush is a module of drupal.

drush --root=/usr/local/www/drupal6/sites/ eval '
$sql = "SELECT uid FROM {users} WHERE uid != 0";
$users = db_query($sql);
print "b" . $result;
while ($user = db_result($users)) {
$account = user_load(array("uid" => $user, "status" => 1));
print "Sending email to: " . $account->name . "\n";
_user_mail_notify("password_reset", $account, $language);


EDIT: Cool, blogger/blogspot includes syntax highlighting

Monday, 1 December 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 subversion ssl library changed...

For all you around the globe which just upgraded their machine or installed a new fresh and shiny Ubuntu 8.10, but still has got some OpenSSL powered pkcs12 certificate. As the linux folks decided to go for GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL, they also mapped subversion against the libraries, which suddenly does not make your personal certificate work anymore, leading to errors like ``GnuTLS internal error'' (duh, why not give out a proper error message).

As hacking is not my favorite part in did not compile it manually to get it to work again, as some others did. Instead I will stick to the more constructive approach, e.g. converting your certificate to the proper style.

# Make sure openssl is installed
$ sudo apt-get install openssl

# Make our certificate conversion hidden for any other (potentially evil) user
$ mkdir convert-cert && chmod 0700 convert-cert
$ cd convert-cert
$ cp ~/.subversion/rick.p12 original.pk12
# Next extract certificate and key
$ openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nokeys -in original.pk12 -out temp.crt
$ openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nocerts -in original.pk12 -out temp.key
# Create new cerficate
$ certtool --load-certificate temp.crt --load-privkey temp.key --to-p12 --outder --outfile new-cert.pk12
$ mv new-cert.pk12 ~/.subversion/rick-gnutls.p12
# Secure whipe working directory
$ shred temp.key
$ cd .. && rm -Rd convert-cert