Thursday, 11 December 2008

A not so nice person...

As told all in my previous post about scammers, when something bad happens to you, please tell the world.

I had the great liberty to find out when you got scammed in Europe you actually got to file a report at the police station of the country the accident happens, else they will not do anything about it.

Next the story; I happens to be in traveling (Luxembourg) at 17th of October 2008 while stopping at a fuel station to some rest and refreshments. A women comes around ,all in tears, cause she 'forgot' her wallet and she really needed to get some money for fuel as she almost ran out.

I tend to see the best of people, so I lend her some money and have here my bank details so she could transfer the money. After many thanks, she drove off .. I have never ever seen the money again. I did send her a letter ,to the address she gave me, but the letter came back undeliverable.

I did however made some pictures and also have some extra details (properly fake, but still). If you happen to know her or got some hints, please let me know :-)

Nello Frederique
2 rue des lilas
54000 Nancy

Licence plate: 162 ? ZN54
Car: Peugot

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