Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thomson ST2030 Asterisk Remote Phone Book support

Enabling the current Thomson Remote Phone Book support (windows/mysql/php), requires yet an other separate database, sigh :-(.

As I happen to have a Asterisk running which is basically already some kind of phone book, cause the phone to 'full user name' exist, the choice is pretty simple .. hacking time :-)

I only have got Thomson ST2030 phones, which are not very compliant with regards to the HTTP/1.1 protocol implementation, but they are working. Still keeps me wondering does this also work with regards to other phones?

The result of the hard work has documentation included in the file how to get it running properly.

Some techie stuff, It parses the asterisk config file (every time) and regex to the right entries. output them in a list or in a menu view if the number of entries exceed 32.

EDIT: Including server functionality ;-)
EDIT2: Updated link to new location

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