Thursday, 16 April 2009

Xerox Phaser 6125N working in mac os x

The Xerox Phaser 6125N is roughly 150 EUR cheaper as it is big friend the Phaser 6130N which is 'made for the mac'. Why it needs to come that expensive I don't know, marketing is properly the buzzword. Anyways, let's check out the little friend and try to get it running on a mac anyways ;-).

First lets us find a alternative model which does have supported mac os x drivers. Our friends at OpenPrinting suggested the Fuji Xerox Docuprint 525A. Let us download the Mac OS X drivers and install them (using the regular mac os x clicks, drops).

Now add yourself the printer and make sure to select the driver yourself 'FX DocuPrint C525 A-AP v1.7' is the one you are looking for.

Now print ... ehm every piece of paper needs to inserted via the manual feeder :-(. Luckaly there is also a way to get around that PITA. Mac OS X printing is proudly powered by CUPS which allows us to select the right options.

note: don't be scared when username/password are beeing asked during setup, just provide your login credentials

  1. Goto http://localhost:631/printers/ using your favorite webbrowser and press 'Set Printer Options' on your newly created printer

  2. Head to section called 'Options Installed' and change 'Optional Tray Module' to option '250 Sheet Feeder'

  3. Click 'Set Printer Options in same section'

  4. You will see the message 'Printer has been configured successfully.'

  5. Some more settings are now available, head to http://localhost:631/printers/ again, press 'Set Printer Options' on your newly created printer again.

  6. Now goto section 'Basic' and change 'Paper Source' to 'Tray 1 (250 Sheets)'

  7. Click 'Set Printer Options in same section'

  8. You will see the message 'Printer has been configured successfully.' and could close the page if you like

Print again ... hoara it now feches the pages from the tray :-)
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  1. Wow. Great work!

    The minute my partner suprised me with the printer, the response was "But it won't work on my Mac". (Worked fine on the PCs.)

    Thanks again!

  2. Your life saver, thought I was going to have to take it back and lose out on my 150.00 deal, thanks again.

  3. Can anyone confirm if this is USB only? I'm trying to use it as a networked printer connected to my router and I only get errors when printing. I see it on the network fine.

  4. Actually never tried it with USB, the network connection only. So could anyone verify it's working with USB ;-)

    What kind of errors you are getting, btw?

  5. Wow. Kinda wish I had waited to see that you did actually have it working with networking (I had read your blog before buying it, but later realized I didn't know if it was working under USB or Networked). I was getting different errors from either CUPS or the apple printer queue app. CUPS was giving error 13 (busy) and the printer queue app was just saying there was an error. I ended up returning it because it was my second laser printer that was also winprinter/paperweight-for-other-oses and I refused to get stuck in the loop of newer-os-means-no-drivers-or-hacks-for-this-cheap-POS. Thanks for the tips though.

  6. Thanks very much for sharing. I just set myself up to work with a whole load more colour lasers round my school thanks to this workaround!

  7. I love you.. seriously =D
    took me couple of minutes to install manually but works like a charm!

    Many thanks from the Netherlands
    (Network configuration)

  8. For everyone having problem authorizing their settings in CUPS:

    If you don't have a password for the administrator account on your Mac, CUPS will give errors.

    Quickest thing to do: change the password from nothing to something.

    Maaaan aftertwo hours of trying all sorts of thins I was happy to discover this!

  9. Just discovered that Xerox released a mac driver for 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 - you can get it at

    Hope this helps someone!

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