Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Repairing my Black and Decker A12 battery

My mobile drilling machine gave up on me :-(. The battery simply stopped working and refusing to charge. I really loved the machine, but a new accu costed me roughly 40EUR almost the same price as a new drilling machine!

So why not DIY instead ;-). First I opened up the battery with revealed me 10 small batteries interconnected which each other. They are normal NiCd battery cells, with a base voltage of roughly 1.2V. I hooked up the multimeter and 3 individual batteries turned out to be dead.

Hunting for replacements was kind of a challenge. But 'the' wiki revealed it are type C NiCd Battery. Buying those is a bit more interesting, if you are interested in batched like 1000+ it's a easy search. But only a few is a bit more interesting. eurobatteries.com brought me to rescue. A actually had to buy 4/5 type C NiCd batteries (I love standards ;-)).

So opened the accu and soldered 3 new ones in, please mind the metal strips are very sharp!
Accu open

Assemble it all:
Protection active

And we got a working battery again :-)!
Working again!

I have to admin it the costs where roughly half the price of a new one and it requires some soldering skills (and equipment) to get it assembled, but -as always- it fun todo!