Sunday, 27 September 2009

Poor mans (DIY) duplex printing

Saving the environment is always a good thing. So using half the amount of paper needed by printing on two sides is in general always a good this. But as duplex feeding (two sided printing) printers are in general pretty expensive machines, we need some cheaper method to have two sided printing going.

The trick is use is very easy, but it requires some playing around to get it going nicely. You first print the odd pages in normal order. Move the printed pages from the output back into tray. Then the even pages in reverse order needs printing.

You first needs to play around with the paper a bit on how-to put the pages back properly into the input tray in order to get the 2nd output printed on the right side.

NOTE: When printing an odd number of pages in total (3,5,7,9,...). Make sure to remove the last sheet before putting the printed pages back into the printer else your pages will be miss-aligned.

For Mac users, please look at the attached picture on how-to select the proper output. Windows/Linux users, please post a link in the comments on how-to do this kind of stuff on your OS and I will include it.

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